Features designed to save you time

Our algorithm turns complex business data into actionable insights in order to safeguard your clients' working capital and accelerate their business growth.

Why Growth-Navigator?

Making your business less dependent on external financing is our goal. We are here to make working capital management easy for you.

Easy to read reports
Facilitates effective communication across different business functions.

Time saving
No more cumbersome
spreadsheet analysis.

Easy to use interface
Always find the numbers
you are looking for. 

How does Growth-Navigator work?

We use different sources of data to create a scan of your company's financial health and create a loop that improves & optimizes your working capital.

Connect accounting data & personal intake

Creates a snapshot of your financial situation

Get notifications on issues and opportunities

Generate actionable recomendations

Fuel your business growth

Get priority access

Enjoy being in control of your company’s financial future by becoming a beta user today!

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What our first users say

Rational decisions to boost your business can now be taken without endless and abundant computations.

Gaetan de Ridder


Growth-Navigator is a nice tool for quick insights on the business' current situation and forecasted cash level. It replaces a lot of cumbersome spreadsheet analysis!

Maarten Brockhoff

Treasurer, Spotzer

Growth-Navigator is a very user friendly tool to track and manage my working capital. I prefer using it over my current solution.

Dimitri Rombouts

CEO, Verachtert


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